The Role Of Cuban Music In The 1920-50s

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Ra Shawn Averitte February 4 2013 P.E. 179 Zumba During the 1920-50s there was a Cuban music craze around the world including in the US, especially in New York where there were many Cuban and Puerto Rican immigrants. Cuban music such as son (pronounced "sown"), guaracha, mambo, bolero and chachacha were very popular. Each of these music styles had (and still has) its own dance In New York musicians began mixing the music with jazz and it was called "Latin jazz" for many, many years. Or in many cases the musicians would put the name of the ryhthm of each inidvidual song on the record. For example you might find a record that had son, guaracha, son-guaguancó, mambo and bolero. Then in the 1970s people began refering to the music as "salsa".

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