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The Role Of Community In Preventing Terrorism Essay

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  • on November 14, 2011
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Below is an essay on "The Role Of Community In Preventing Terrorism" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

U10A2 – Paper 2 –PS Capstone Project
Homeland Security - The Role of Community in Preventing Terrorism
Jessica Fena Alvarez
PS4990 – Public Safety Capstone Project
Professor Steve Brancazio


  For the second part of this capstone project the second component of homeland security that I will be discussing is the role of community in preventing terrorism. The main focus of this portion of the project will be in analyzing the efficiency of the homeland security campaign “If you see something, say something”. This campaign was created in order to raise awareness among members of communities throughout the U.S. by encouraging them to report suspicious activities to their local authorities. In this document I will be analyzing this campaign as a method for community involvement in homeland security missions. Additionally, relevant policies and best practices to how the U.S. can improve, especially within the larger context of public safety will be examined, followed by the role of ethics, diversity, multiculturalism and professionalism play in the implementation of this campaign and the involvement of community members in counter terrorism efforts . Also, a strategic plan to discuss strengths and weaknesses of this approach will be provided in this document. This strategic plan will also help find opportunities for improvements and set future goals to achieve the vision and goals of this campaign.


Afacan, M. (2007). Local Policing: Using Community Policing Principles as a Tactic in the Time of Terror. Understanding & Responding to Terrorism, 19(1), 252-259. Retrieved from: EBSCOhost.
  This article discusses how public interest not only increased, but also disclosed the necessity of new roles for American police in combating terrorism after September 11, 2011. It also explains how due to good information coming from many common sources, the role of local police agencies in homeland security particularly in...

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