The Role of Communism in America During Cold War

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The Role of Communism in America during the Cold War . To get the idea what the Cold War was about, when it started its beginning should be known. For some people, the Cold War started in 1945-1948, and ended in 1989 which had been a conflict over the seperation of Europe. On the other hand, it is stated that it began in 1917 with Bolshevik Revolution, and ended in 1991 with the seperation the Soviet Union, which led to conflict between Marxism and Democracy. The Cold War mainly occured between the United States and the Soviet Union. It was called as Cold War because these two enemies never fought each other directly. Instead, they expressed the conflict through the military coalitions, propaganda, and technological competitions (Pike). In this respect, this paper will explain the role of communism of America’s diplomatic policies especially during the Cold War era. Though other parts of the world have had to protect their mainlands, for more than 150 years, the United States has not faced such a threat. During the Cold War era, it was the Soviet Union which seemed an obvious risk to America’s security since the Soviet Union had a powerful military, and compromised geographically a huge area. The Soviets became a dominant power in the American hemisphere by early 1980s, so that they announced a new kind of Monroe Doctrine of their, “repeatedly warning Washington about repercussions of U.S. intervention” in Cuba, Nicaragua or against the Salvadorian left (Whelan 3- 4). The Monroe Doctrine had characteristics of warning European powers against intervening in the western hemisphere, and the
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