The Role of Classical and Neoclasical Theories in Modern Organization Essay

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EFFECT OF GRADED LEVELS OF CASHEWNUT SHELL ON THE GUT MICROFLORA IN BROILERS BY NWOBU, ANULIKA .B. EBSU/2008/45501 DEPARTMENT OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE AND NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, EBONYI STATE UNIVERSITY, ABAKALIKI -+ IN PARTIAL FULFILLMEMT OF THE REQUIREMENT FOR THE AWARD OF BACHELOR OF AGRICULTURE (B.AGRIC) IN ANIMAL SCIENCE SEPTEMBER, 2014 ACKNOWLEDGEMET I wish to acknowledge the effort of my parents Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Nwobu and my siblings Hon. Nwobu Chukwudi M., Mrs. Nwobu Joy I., Mrs. Obi Victoria E., Dcn. Adaeze Ilegdameh F., Mrs. Uju Okeke E. and Miss Nwobu Ogochukwu H., thank you all and remain blessed. My profound gratitude goes to Dcn. and Dcns. Charles Ilegbameh who gave me an immense support of all kinds throughout these years and ensure that these work was a success, thanks for your resourceful effort and mentorship. To Wonder’s family, Sis. Ikeogu Ann and Sis. Ogbuagu Chinyere, I own u all a lot, you have been so wonderful. Thanks for your spiritual support and encouragement. The efforts of the following people cannot be over looked: Mr. Iyaji Michael O., Mr. D.O Ekwughe., Mrs. Uka U.M., Mr. Wambai Emmanuel and Mr. Ugochukwu Favour. Thanks and remain blessed. I appreciate the efforts of my Supervisor Mr. Uguru J .O. who has always been there to assist me. Thank for your fatherly love, encouragement and supervision which enabled me to carry out this work. May the good Lord bless you and your family abundantly. My profound gratitude goes to my H.O.D Prof. Osakwe I.I., my lecturers for their kind advice, guidance, and impact of knowledge, remain blessed. I want to appreciate the efforts of my academic advicer Prof. Nwakpu P.E., Dr. Solomon Oluneke., My unique and amiable mother Dr. (Mrs.) Onu P.N., Mr. Ekwe O.O To all my senior Friends Onyenaobiya Oluchi., Obianwuna Uchechukwu E. and Nwakwo

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