The Role of Biotechnology in Society Essay

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The Role of Biotechnology in Society Over the years biotechnology has played a big role in society whether or not one realizes it. It has opened the door for a lot of changes (both drastic and simple) in the world by discovering new things. People use it everyday in our lives for things such as washing clothes, fuel that we use everyday to take us places that we need to go, and in particular the medical research that we use to find cures for new things such as cancer and other diseases. It also opens many new doors for career options. In the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot we see how biotechnology is used in the medical field. Scientists were able to grow her cancer cells and use them to try to find a cure for cancer and many other diseases. Here we see of a perfect example of biotechnology and how it plays a role in a person’s life as well as society as a whole. These medical researchers used living organisms to develop useful products to help try and cure cancer and of course other diseases. This was a huge change in society after these cells were discovered. As time has gone on we see how this has still affected the society of our current time. Today we are able to use cells to discover new things and watch how they play a role in our society, all due to something that can be both simple and complex, and that is biotechnology. Biotechnology plays a big role in society by dealing with the medical side of things. In the book we see that Henrietta is suffering from cervical cancer and is taken to the doctors to see what they can do for her. George Gey, a scientist in charge of tissue culture at John Hopkins was asked to help out TeLinde, a doctor who wanted to grow and compare living samples of healthy and cancerous cervical tissue to see what their options would be. Gey sent the samples of tissues into his lab right away

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