The Role Of Belonging In The Film 'The Secret Life Of Bees'

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The fundamental human need, belonging, is an individuals perception, influenced by their experiences and others influences. For a true sense of belonging to be achieved there has to be a sense of security, equality and appreciation. Not-belonging, opposing belonging; is an individuals experience of alienation, ostracisation and disassociation. Experiences of belonging and not-belonging are conveyed through the film The Secret Life Of Bees composed by Gina Prince-Bythewood and As You Like It composed by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare's pastoral, romantic comedy transcends its Elizabethan context to influence contemporary audiences. Shakespeare and Bythewood privilege the thematic preoccupation of belonging through familiar relationships, relationships…show more content…
The contrast of Jacques beliefs and the nature of "the golden world" demonstrates his disassociation. The prosperous authentic nature of the Forest of Arden is available to any individual willing and of a true nature, Jacque belongs to the forest through his strong beliefs, he cannot mould to the counterfeit constitution of the court, his instant connection with the Forest of Arden furthers with the realisation that there are others who share the same ideals as he does. The social divide of the court creates a sense of false belonging, Jacque's belief that if society were to perceive their experiences through his wisdom it would make the world equal and beautiful, in the Secret Life of Bees their is a racial divide in society where the factitious make up of the white society creates a sense of not belonging. "What about the Civil Rights Act?....they're so cultured. I have never met negro women like them", the use of a simile highlights the…show more content…
Shakespeare and Bythewood explore the thematic preoccupation of family in the artificial world. In the court familiar relationships are artificial, they are broken by betrayal and the realisation of others values. "To burn the lodging where you used to lie", the use of past tense demonstrates the need to leave at the present tense. Adam warning to Orlando of his brothers betrayal, for wanting to be his equal. Mentioning where an individual sleeps conveys their innocence when an individual sleeps they are no longer in control and their mind takes over, they are innocent of their actions. Shakespeare demonstrates that when an individual destroys family ties they also damage innocence, the Secret Life of Bees mirrors the sense of familiar betrayal. Bythewood demonstrates the human need of an individual to have a connection beyond memory, this is conveyed through Lily speaking to her mother in heaven, "bet my hair must have annoyed you when it went off in 11 different directions." The use of speaking to her mother through her religion demonstrate her purity and innocence. T-Ray, Lily's father betrays her through lies, "god damn woman didn't give a shit about you". The use of blasphemy juxtaposes Lily's and his values. Lily's perception of belonging is further established when she forms a

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