The Role Of Alfieri In a View From The Bridge

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The Role of Alfieri in a View from the Bridge A View from a Bridge is a domestic tragedy. In the story the characterization is a key factor to creating the tension'. Miller uses Alfieri as a narrator who addresses the audience. He explains the situation of the story in more detail. By using this technique the audience trust him, and believe what he says. He refers to that tragedy by giving a hint when he says: “Watched it run its bloody course”. In The play “View from Bridge”, Alfieri’s character and function are very important because he creates the tension and interaction between the audience and the characters in the play. ” Miller used “Bridge” to sell his theory that true tragic heroes may well emerge from the common run of contemporary lives. So eager was he to make the point that he even included a one-man Greek chorus, an Italian-born lawyer named Alfieri, who speaks loftily about the grandeur of the story’s “bloody course” of incestuous longings and fatal consequences.” (Ben Brantley lines 22-29) Alfieri has two functions, first as a character, and second as a narrator. He breaks the wall and speaks directly to the audience. Alfieri connects the play together. He also introduces the main themes, for example, he suggests to the audience that the play they are going to watch is not going to be happy. “Watch its bloody course”. He makes the audience realise that the play is a tragedy and Eddie cannot escape his destiny. He also introduces the main comments to the audience, “settle for half”, “The law is not a friendly idea “ which means he is saying make sure you do anything for your family, which relates to what Beatrice talks about when he is telling the story of Vinny Bolzano. He explains that Vinny had an uncle, who was staying with him. However his uncle was an illegal immigrant. So
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