The Role of Agents of Socialization Essay

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The Role of Agents of Socialization Abstract In our mini lecture political culture is defined as the widely shared belief, values, and norms about how citizens relate to government and one another. Agents of political socialization play a fundamental role in shaping our perceptions of government and its role in our lives. A few examples of these agents are family, the media, educational systems, religion and the workplace. This paper will briefly discuss the role that agents of socialization play in shaping an individual’s political culture and which agent has had the greatest influence in shaping my own views about government. The Role of Agents of Socialization Within our families individuals learn lots of values which arise in daily living and discussions. We learn things such as discipline, whom to trust, and what responsibilities one bears to others. These facets all have some bearing on our political values and beliefs. As a child if I lived in a home where my parents consistently bashed republicans there is a very good chance that when I grow up I’m going to do the same thing. The media is another agent that plays a role in shaping our political culture. Television shows, movies, the internet, popular music, and magazines all have the power to influence our views on women, people of color, gays, shopping habits, and many other beliefs. An example of this could be how a television or radio commercial could be the sole reason an individual voted for a specific candidate or issue on a ballot. Educational systems such as schools teach individuals about governments and the roles they play in society. Depending on the society in which the teaching occurs, individuals may have a positive or negative view about government. Schools offer the opportunity for sustained and highly controlled contact with students while they are at the extremely

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