The Role Of a Teacher Essay

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Due to lack of confidence when dealing with mathematical concepts a majority of students experience maths anxiety. It has been attributed to one of five sources including: myths associated with mathematics, out of class experiences, expectations, reading and language facility, and classroom stress (Handler, 1990). In the past teachers taught Maths using mainly the rote learning /teaching system and practising routine questions for tests and exams. In the UK the culture of maths was hardly non-existence it was acceptable not to pass maths. This has been a draw back in several areas of work where employees have been unable to complete simple fraction, and trigonometry concepts Carol Taylor ( ), director of operations at NIACE, said the UK had a "huge numeracy problem" but many people saw being bad at maths as a "badge of honour". Contrariwise in Zimbabwe Maths and Literacy are the most important subjects of which it is obligatory to pass in order to be employable. This essay will describe my roles as a numeracy teacher whose responsibilities is to assist learners develop critical thinking, problem solving skills furthermore gain an understanding of numerical concepts consequently discarding the maths phobia myth. The roles, responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher are so numerous, varied and constantly evolving, Macdonald (1970) advocates that a teacher has to be ‘Omni capable’ and flexible to be able to handle any situation which transpires in the classroom. Walklin, (1990) agrees with the latter notion by reflecting teacher as a‘jack’ of all trades’. Both of these authors concur on the multi skills and responsibilities a teacher should possess in order to be an effective educator. My role responsibilities in the Numeracy Lifelong learning Sector is to value all of my learners individually and equally to create high quality teaching that

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