The Role of a Community Group Secretary Essay

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The Role of a Community Group Secretary The role of the Secretary of a Community Group varies according to the size & nature of the organisation. The role is best carried out by a member of the group. Some groups divide the role up, such as having a minute taker, someone else who deals solely with the correspondence, or giving the Chair the task of setting the agendas etc. This should be discussed & included in the organisation’s constitution. Listed below are some of the tasks that may be given to the Secretary. 1. Organising Meetings In some cases, the Chair & Secretary work together to plan & prepare for meetings of the Management Committee. In other organisations, the Senior Officer plans this with the Chair. In organising these meetings, the responsibilities include: Booking & preparing the layout of the meeting room Making sure that all the rules for calling meetings are followed in line with the group’s constitution, e.g. length of notice needed before meetings are held Preparing an agenda for each meeting (this should be done in consultation with the Chair), & to make sure copies are sent out prior to the meeting Taking notes or minutes of the meeting, which must be written up & sent out before the next meeting If possible, providing some spare copies of previous minutes or any reports which are being discussed at the meeting. You can guarantee that not everyone will remember to bring their paperwork! Ensuring he/she has an accurate, up-to-date list of contact details for management committee members/ trustees At the beginning of the meeting, he/she must check that a quorum is present, i.e. the minimum number of attendees required as laid out on the governing document 2. Setting Agendas When preparing an Agenda, there are a few basic points to remember: Clearly state the name of the group, date, time
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