The Role and Nature of Law Law421

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The Role and Nature of Law Name LAW/421 Date Teacher The role and function of law is to protect societies citizens in a socially a safe and legally regulated way to resolve disputes. Laws were set in place to supply and regulate ethical standards and expectations to operate the society’s legal system to avoid never finding a solution to legal disputes. The law provides security and peace to citizens to enter agreements, transactions or and agreements with businesses they are entering into agreements or contracts with. The law functions to minimize government power and promotes personal freedom, protects the environment, social justice, and promotion of economic growth through free competition to function properly and avoid collapse. Laws functions are broken down to theses following types: common law, ordinances, statutes, constitutions, administrative regulations, treaties, and finally executive orders. * Common Law is based on prior court decisions and a statute is a law put in force by elected representatives of the legislative branch of the government. * Ordinance is a law created by municipalities and counties. * Statue is a law that is elected by elected representatives of the legislative branch of government. * Constitutions are used as the overriding law. The constitution laws establish the principles of government involvement in either federal or state level law. This created the branches of the government, presents certain powers of each branch and what powers they do not have. The constitution prevents other government parties from passing laws that specifically limit individual rights. * Administrative laws are elected by administrative agencies. * Treaties are contracts that are between two or more political authorities. * Executive Orders are laws that are enacted by a state governor or the president of the
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