The Rocking Horse Winner Essay

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The Rocking Horse Winner The “Rocking Horse Winner” is a story about the destructive effects of materialism, greed and the seemingly ever growing need for money. It is also about love, and how sometimes love is not enough to overcome the greed and need. The story follows a young boy named Paul as he strives to be “lucky” and gain more love from his mother by going through the process of betting on race horses to win money, which he can then gift to his mother. This story’s main focus is the relationship between Paul and his mother, Hester. In the story, Hester is a symbol for greed and selfishness. She is materialistic and values money more than her own children. “She has bonny children, yet she felt they had been thrust upon her, and she could not love them”(). She seems incapable of having true emotional attachment to her husband, children, or anything that isn’t money or lavish conveniences. I believe she thinks that a child’s need for love and attention can be replaced with gifts. Paul craves his mother’s true affection; he thinks he can gain this by being a source of money for her, which is her only true passion. When Paul gets sick, Hester is worried but she doesn’t really show any emotion for him. “His mother sat, feeling her heart had gone, turned actually into a stone”(). The house is a symbol that seems fairly apparent. It symbolizes the family, and the relationship of the family. The family seems extravagant and close to perfect from the outside, much like the house. On the inside of both however you find much less than perfection. The quote, “There must be more money!()” Is made very clear because money and nice things act like the glue in this family, as well as within the house. It seems to be what is keeping everything from completely falling apart. This “glue” is what ultimately breaks everything to pieces. This story does a good job

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