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The Roaring Vocab Essay

  • Submitted by: anyi27
  • on May 19, 2012
  • Category: History
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Name ______________________________ Unit:   The Roaring Life of the 1920’s:   Changing Ways of Life
Chapter 13   Section 1

Teaching Terminology: SS Knowledge Vocabulary
Social Studies Vocabulary:  The chart below includes definitions of core vocabulary terms from the assigned reading.  Please complete the column in your own words with an example from your own experience or from your study of Social Studies.
|Social Studies         |Definition                                 |In Your Own Words (summarizing meaning,       |Provide an Example (Further explanation,       |
|Terms                 |(Recognize)                                 |paraphrasing, using synonyms, translating,   |drawing displaying meaning, use the word   in a|
|                       |                                           |interpreting, etc.) (Interpret)               |sentence, etc.)                               |
|                       |                                           |                                             |(Exemplify)                                   |
|Prohibition           |The banning of the manufacture, sale, and   |                                             |                                               |
|                       |possession of alcohol.                     |                                             |                                               |
|Speakeasy             |A place where alcoholic drinks were sold   |                                             |                                               |
|                       |and consumed illegally during prohibition. |                                             |                                               |
|Bootlegger             |A person who smuggled alcoholic beverages   |                                             |                                               |
|                       |into the United States during prohibition. |...

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