The Roaring 20s Essay

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Introduction What comes to your mind when you see a person that is seriously overweight? Maybe the person is 300 to 400 pounds; do you ever wonder what happened to make this person so big? Some people may think that all this person does is eat. Some people may even call him/her a pig. I have wondered the same thing. If a person is 200 to 300 pounds than normal that is called obesity. Obesity is usually caused by lack of exercise, depression, or just by eating too much. If a person is 600 to 700 pounds that is called morbid obese. My exit project is about obesity and the reasons people become obese. It will include true stories from people who live with this condition, and treatments that are available. I will also have visuals such as: pictures, charts, and graphs .These visuals will help explain the causes of obesity. Hypothesis Question How do people get fat, why do people get fat, and what food makes you fat and why? What Is Obesity? Obesity is having too much fat in the human body. It is caused mostly by depression. Depression can cause stress, overweight and anxiety. Depression leads to obesity because if a girl/boy is depressed they often eat more than average. These are other ways you could be obesity; Your lifestyle: Modern conveniences-such as elevators, cars, and the remote control for the television-cut activity out of our lives. Your friends and family: If they eat a lot of high-fat or snack foods, eat at irregular times, and skip meals, you probably will too. And if they are not physically active, you may not be either. Low self-esteem: Being overweight or obese may lower your self-esteem and lead to eating as a way to comfort yourself. Repeated failure at dieting also can affect your self-esteem and make it

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