The Road Reflection

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On page 54 of The Road, the second paragraph grabbed my attention the most so far. The paragraph ended with the sentence, “So he whispered to the sleeping boy, I have you.” To me, this paragraph sums up the main idea of the book. I believe that the main theme of this story is not only surviving for yourself, but for your family as well. From what we can tell, this son and father are the only people left on this world and the father’s responsibility grows bigger as reality begins to set in. I think that he will do whatever it takes to do the right thing for his son, whether that means taking his life so he doesn’t have to live alone when he dies. On the next page, this is the first time where hear more about the boy. Until this point, he was very go with the flow and resorted to one-word answers. In this dialogue, he reveals how he misses his mother and wishes he could be with her. Because she is dead, he essentially wishes that he could die as well. For a boy around the age of five, this is a very complex concept to grasp. This shows how mature this situation has made him. Not only is death something most five year olds cant fully comprehend, but he sees how dying can be easier than living in this world. I was shocked to read about his true feelings and wanting to be with his mom. I would expect this realization and opinion from a person of an older

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