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The Road Notes Essay

  • Submitted by: malav23
  • on May 29, 2011
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    • The man, the protagonist, is losing hope each day as they get hungrier; realizing that the houses have been thoroughly picked over by other people. Although he maintains the fire inside him. The fire symbolizes the capacity for hope and the ability to love, both qualities which man and especially the boy posses as the good guys.

    • It is very difficult for the boy to understand how it is possible to be a good guy when there are so many bad guys limiting their choices.

    • The one thing he retrieves, the candle, is symbolically important because it evokes hope for freedom.

    • One the father begins to regain hope; he even asks about the flute, which the boy had thrown away, but with new hope comes a chance for a new flute.

    • In the town through which the man and the boy pass, the writer describes many anachronisms, obsolete objects from the past that have no place in the post-apocalyptic world. For example, “through the paint could be seen a pale palimpsest of advertisement for goods which no longer existed” (108). This shows even the billboards are obsolete, and the objects they are anachronistic in this setting.

    • Even the bunker seems anachronistic and out of place in comparison to the wasteland around, and it no longer serves its function of protection because other people might come and attack the father and his son.

    • As they continue, they see the remnant of a burnt city on the horizon. This is when the boy asks his father about their long-term goals. But the man does not reply, meaning that neither of them knows what their long-term goals. This makes me concern about the boy’s future, since his father’s health is getting worst every day.

    • The protagonists see a wounded man slowly shuffling down the road. The boy convinces his father to give a tin of fruit to give the old man something to eat. This shows how boy is very caring and thoughtful.

    • The father tells his son that they...

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