The Road Not Taken

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The Road Not taken Essay In the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, The concept of a journey is conveyed through the use of a range of techniques such as, Symbolism, Repetition, And an extended metaphor of the road not taken to represent a persons life and the obstacles in his way and the choices he faces in it. Firstly, Frost’s use of repetition such as “ somewhere ages and ages” conveys a sense of time passing which then means through this journey he has felt life pass him by, which is also a journey in its self not just the journey down the road but the journey of life itself, An inner and physical journey. Then with the repetition of “wood” in this poem wood can mean a lot of things and can convey many emotions in the reader, wood could mean the woods as in a forest or it could mean trees and the repetition could be used to exemplify there is a lot of trees around the road not taken. Frosts use of repetition of wood and the use of “the road not taken” fits well together it shows that no one has taken the road there is lots of tree’s meaning man has not been or damaged this environment reinforcing the road has not been taken. Secondly, metaphor another technique used by frost to convey the journey of the road not taken starts right at the heading automatically road in the heading shows there will be a journey a road symbolizes a journey so it switches the reader on. Another symbol is the word “yellow” the word yellow creates an image and then make us think, positiveness, hope, autumn, warmth, brightness and wisdom all this words can create a jour in itself an inner and imaginative journey to find the meaning it relates to us every day and is a characteristic of life. The final word frost uses to convey a journey through symbolism is “morning” the word morning can mean many things such as, Sun rising, A new beginning, A new day which then becomes new
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