The Road Home Chapter Summaries

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Section 3 Summaries Chapter 24) Minny worries that her friend Aibileen will get in trouble for faking the recommendation to Miss Celia so that she could get a job. Miss Celia does not care though, she values and supports Minny tremendously and would never fire her because of Hilly. In this chapter it is clear that Leroy is physically abusing Minny again, she is however too ashamed to tell anyone about it or ask for help. Celia notices that cuts and offers to call the police but Minny tells her not to worry about it because she doesn’t want anyone to know about it. She tries to hide her pain from Celia and Aibileen so that they do not worry about her. In the chapter a naked man runs into the yard and is trying to break into the house. Minny runs out and tries to stop him but he hits her down and she can no longer fight back, at this time Celia runs out of the house and beats the man with a fire poker until…show more content…
Aibileen gives her the signed book from the community before Skeeter leaves and she is very touched by this gesture. Because of Minny’s story about Hilly, Hilly’s husband fires Leroy and when he finds out that it’s because of Minny he is very pissed at her. She eventually can’t stand him any longer and decides to that the kids and leave him. Hilly visits Elizabeth and tells her that she should fire Aibileen. Even though she doesn’t really want to, she complies and does what Hilly tells her. Mae Mobley is sad and distraught that Aibileen is leaving because now she won’t have anyone who truly understands her and she will have to deal with Elizabeth on her own. Aibileen is sad to go as well, but she doesn’t have a choice. She tells Mae Mobley that she loves her and that she must never forget that she is kind, she is smart and that she is important. As Aibileen leaves she thinks about what to do next. She is sad but at the same time she laughs and says “maybe I ain’t too old to start

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