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Cormac McCarthy’s novel, “The Road,” expresses vast amounts of love, sacrifice, and devotion. The story creates a great contrast of characters involving friendly relationships and the tragedies that keep them together. As the novel progresses, the personal chemistry between the dad and the son becomes stronger. Throughout the novel, the author keeps the audience interested by taking the characters through different trials and tribulations, in which they help each other out. The man’s sacrifices instilled a lot of confidence in the boy. Friendship requires sacrifices and compromises because the natural bonds of friendship can never be broken apart by distance or circumstances. Fate actually keeps them together. Throughout the novel, the man has shown a lot fight and determination in himself just so the boy can be saved from the “bad guys.” He tried everything in his power to protect the boy. “My job is to take care of you…I will kill anyone who touches you.” The man is changing just like the environment around him has changed. He has change from being a peaceful person to being someone who can do anything to protect his son. He made his primary job to take care of the boy no matter what the circumstances were, and tried to find everything that was best for the boy. “It is the father who translates and makes meaning of the child’s wish.” He changed the way he used to act just so that the boy can have a safer life. “The father goes against his character just to make sure the boy is save and not scared of the bad guys.” Throughout the novel the father made countless sacrifices just to make sure his son was out of danger. Their journey would not have been completed if it was not for the sacrifices made by the father. The boy was accompanied by the man throughout the whole journey, even though the man knew that he was better off without the boy. “What if that little boy

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