The Road Essay

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In The Road, the last sentence reads “In the deep glens where they lived all things were older than man and they hummed of mystery.” This ending signifies that this novel has a happy ending and things are starting to get better. McCarthy ends the novel with the image of trout in mountain streams before the end of the world. The trout could easily resemblance the beginning of life and the start of something new. The trout symbolizes that the world is finally starting to arise. Things are growing, people are connecting, and bad things are starting to die off. The fact that they “hummed of mystery” leaves a hope that could follow out in many ways. The trout symbolizes nature, beauty, life, and hope. In The Road, the boy is constantly a figure of hope. He carries the fire and it constantly looked at as a good person. The trout could be a mirror image of the boy. This ending means that all the evil in the world has been purged. At the end of the book, the boy’s father passes away. He unwillingly leaves the boy in the wilderness alone until he finds a family to be with. The family has been following the man and the boy the whole way. The boy leaves with the man and his two kids. This is surprising because all throughout the story, the man and the boy have found more bad guys than good guys. And just when the boy needs it, the good guys come along. Significant and prominent, this ending provides closure because it ensures us that the boy is safe and doesn’t have to go alone. It suggests that there may be a future for the world because the boy and the girl could potentially start a new family and there could potentially become more forms of

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