The Ritz-Carlton Essay

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Introduction Prior to its grand opening on October 11, 2000, the Ritz-Carlton in Washington DC administered an intensive seven day training period for all of its charter employees that would prepare them to operate the hotel. What has become known as the “Seven Day Countdown” has proven to be a successful way for Ritz-Carltons throughout the world to orient their employees on the tasks and challenges they face as they operate the hotel. James McBride, General Manager of the Washington DC Ritz-Carlton, wondered if this “Seven Day Countdown” was sufficient to fully prepare the employees of Ritz-Carlton to properly operate a Ritz-Carlton to the high standards that were expected. The extensive magnitude of training should continue (even after the first week dedicated purely to training) in order to execute the Total Quality Management (TQM). Through the continuous implementation of Total Quality Management, there can be an informal mode of training that persists for three months following the grand opening of the Ritz-Carlton in Washington DC. This will: allow employees to better operate the hotel; generate more revenue for Ritz-Carlton; further train and develop its staff, while meeting the high standards of service that Ritz-Carlton expects of its employees. Critical Problems The Ritz-Carlton requires that its employees uphold a strict professional code of conduct with regards to the service of its guests. Its niche or how it will succeed in the market of high-end overnight lodging is dependent upon the superior service that will be provided to its guests. The Ritz-Carlton is competing in a highly competitive market with other high-end companies in the Washington DC area including: Four Seasons Hotels, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. Ritz-Carlton had a proven method of operation,but in order for it to grab the market share it desired in Washington

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