The Rish Of Underage Drinking Essay

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THE RISK OF UNDERAGE DRINKING No matter what causes teenagers to start drinking, they all need to face serious problems. Alcohol is a very dangerous and powerful drug, so “Drinking alcohol can cause real harm and can lead to lots of unwanted consequences” (McBride, 2008), especially in teenagers. The risks of underage drinking generally can be divided into the following three aspects: long-term effects, short-term effects and other effects. LONG-TERM EFFECTS In other words, there are ongoing health problems. Firstly, some brain damage is caused by drinking alcohol. Young people under 21 years old who drink alcohol can change the construction of the brain development. Because the human brain does not develop completely until the end of twenties, drinking heavily can lead to unusual development of the brain. It can also cause some specific phenomena, such as slow reaction, unclear thinking, poor concentration, memory lapse, bloodshot eyes, and lack of judgment and coordination. Secondly, drinking alcohol can cause some diseases, particularly liver cancer. Because of alcohol abuse, the liver is damaged very seriously and liver enzymes are elevated. Thirdly, underage drinking can affect human growth. Alcohol can increase hormones which are the vital elements to organ development, so it can destroy the balance of hormones. It has a significant impact on normal organs, muscles and bones. SHORT-TERM EFFECTS These short-term effects include several unpredictable consequences. First of all, the majority victims of violent crimes are teenagers, such as physical assault, homicide, rape and robbery. Sometimes these victims can be badly injured or die. Another effect is traffic crashes. Teenagers like to drive after drinking because they want to show how powerful they are, but they actually cannot control a car. This kind of silly behavior

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