The Rise Of Run Dmc

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Run DMC was the first hip hop act to successfully make headway in the mainstream market. Their manager, Russell Simmons, was a visionary when it came to marketing a hard nosed, gritty sound to the masses. Run DMC's sound was a very influential rap group within the genre itself. Before Run DMC, most of the releases by hip hop artists were based on 1 or 2 singles combined with a bunch of filler. When Run DMC came along, they were the first to create a full album. Their new sound, consisting of hard beats and more of a street mentality paved the way for both politically motivated acts like Public Enemy as well as the more hardcore gangsta rap of N.W.A. Run DMC first came to public attention with their single “Sucker M.C.'s” in 1983. When compared to the other rap hits of the time, Run DMC's sound was very unique in the sound of the beats and the skillful, push it to the limit vocals. By the mid 80's, Simmons had founded the hip hop record label Def Jam, and Run DMC became the most powerful group in hip hop. Run DMC then started to experiment mixing their sound with samples of heavy metal guitars, basically combining the sound of each genre to create a gritty, street savvy sound. Run DMC's success showed the rest of the hip hop world that success could be achieved by delivering constant new material that challenged the status-quo with unique sounds and challenging lyrics. Their 1986 album Raising Hell was preceded by the top ten hit “My Adidas”, and then the release of a cover of Aerosmith's “Walk This Way”, off the same album, became the groups biggest commercial hit. They were the first hip hop act to get airplay on the ever-popular MTV, setting the stage for future hip hop acts to achieve success in their wake. The song “My Adidas” was a brilliant song not only for the content of the song, but also for the massive public response it received. The song sparked

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