The Rise Of Nice Ceo Essay

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The Rise of the Nice CEO? 1. No, I do not think Sutton is wrong. When you compare fortunes, and personalities of Nardelli, McNerney, and Immelt are not coincidental. It has been acknowledged to be a harsh and regulating CEO to make the highest profit out of the employees, previously. But the type of management that uses negative connotation and excessive force do not create a good environment for general workers. Good outcome is also coming from taking personality traits into account and being nice to employees surely. A leader and CEO must be able to relate and inspire his employees so that their productivity and work ethic is the best that it can be. In my personal experience, I would be nicer and be more considerate towards a person who is nice to me. But I would not listen to a favor to a person who is always hostile to me. Similarly, CEOs are also people that we communicate and socially interact with. Nice CEOs will receive positive responses from the employees since they are always considering the employees' side of situation and speak behalf of them. Employees are more willing to follow the orders of CEOs when the CEOs are taking that minor step of being more considerate and nice to employees within the company. CEOs have to be leaders, and like politicians or teachers, in order to be successful and effective, they need to be liked or at least respected by whoever they are leading. Therefore, employees show a higher productivity when they are working and they enjoy the positive environment of gentleness. 2. The importance of being “nice” does vary by industry and type of job because being “nice” might most not be so important in industries where there isn’t much interaction with people such as jobs in labs, factories, etc. unless you are a supervisor or a leader. Also being nice has a limit depending on the industries. However, being “nice” is important in

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