The Rise And Fall Of Myspace Essay

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Critical Analysis 1 – The Rise and Inglorious Fall of Myspace Integrative Business Applications: Section 011 February 12th, 2012 Brian Wingfield The beginning years of the 21st century have seen a vast surge of social networking platforms. With internet technology booming and the need for convenient global communication increasing more than ever, a fresh business market emerged in cyberspace. The earliest masters of this new concept, Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson, created a social networking website more advanced than just about anything the world had ever seen, Myspace. Myspace was the premier social networking website until the early months of 2008, when Facebook began its exponential global growth. After a problem-ridden merger and unfortunate management decisions, Myspace now finds itself a mere shadow of its prior dominance. To climb out of this deep whole, Myspace managers need to analyze the various conditions faced by the organization, evaluate the effectiveness of their current strategies and determine the most appropriate means to move forward successfully and efficiently. Organizations all over the world face various macro-environmental and micro-environmental forces that affect their ability to retain positive relationships with customers. Although Myspace is a social networking platform based on the internet, it still faces many of these environmental conditions: both uncontrollable and controllable. Considering social networks rely on the always changing and diverse cultures of individuals around the world, it has become commonly known that the market for social networking is one of extreme volatility. Unfortunately, Myspace experienced this volatility in a rather negative manner. One of the most important conditions faced by Myspace is the continuous enhancement in technology. As an organization based solely on the internet, Myspace

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