The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Essay

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(Part III): They have been in the sea for a long time, with no wind or water, as a result, everyone in the ship became sick. But one day, the mariner catches something coming from the west. The mariner can't be really sure, if this thing is small or spread-out. Just then, when the figure moved closer and closer and becomes clearer he knew. The sailors and the mariner now realize, that the figure is actually a ship! And it moves in a twisted way as if it's a supernatural spirit. Unfortunately neither the mariner nor the sailors can cry or shout out because of their dry throats and sunburned lips. So the mariner decided to bite his own arm and to suck his blood so that he can moist his mouth and shout "A sail! A sail! When he finally shouted, his crew were astonished and so happy at the same time" Gramercy! They for joy did grin" As the mariner continued to shout, the wired ship suddenly starts to approach them without even a single breeze... When the day was coming to an end and the sundown was clear in front of them the strange ship drove to become between them and the sun. Surprisingly, instead of having the ship blocking out a part of the sun view, it just seems like as if the sun has bars in front of it. Also her masts gave the sun an imprisoned reflection. While the ship was quickly coming closer to them the mariner happiness soon turned to sorrow, realizing more weirdness in its shape. For instants, its sails seems like if it was made of spider web.. Or her hull which was looking like a ribs. And to add salt to injury, he discovered that the crew consists of two people: Death and Life-in-Death. The image of death is showing as a hooded man, and the life-in-death is showing as a woman with red lips and golden hair, but with a very pale skin. The death and the life-in-death decided to play a game (dice), so that one of them can win the power

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