The Rights Of Mexican Women Essay

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Allie Russell – 2nd AP Environmental Science Empowering Women to Help the Planet: Mexico 30 October 2008 Yemen, Japan, and Costa Rica are all countries that have gained more rights for women in the last twenty years. Mexico has also granted more rights to women, which explains the relative equality that now exists among Mexican women and men. Despite this supposed equality, however, there is some injustice for Mexican women. Mexico’s poorest state, Chiapas, was sold out by the Mexican government to qualify for NAFTA aid; the land that was once privately owned was sold, leaving many families homeless and in search of jobs. Even worse, the Chiapas people are largely indigenous, so the government denies them health services, education,…show more content…
If the donor nation can afford to lend aid to a struggling nation, it should certainly do so; helping others will only benefit everyone involved, and in this case will help boost the global market and economy. Pressuring and enticing are not suitable strategies, but negotiation and discussion are when trying to improve the rights of women. No country is going to obey another just because it is told to do so, just as people will not obey the demands of another person just because they say so. Cultures do have a right to exercise and live by their standards, but when lives are endangered and harmed the line is drawn. Religious beliefs are often muddled together with political practices, as in Afghanistan, which is a deadly result that people are too afraid to challenge. This fear leads to submission, which leads to centuries of repeating the same atrocities over and over. Women will never gain equal rights if someone, or some country, doesn’t help them break from oppressive and harmful traditions. MEXICO FEMALE FACTS: (as of 2007) -2.1% birth rate, .5% death rate = 1.7% rate of natural increase -TFR: 2.4 -55% of women are between 15 and

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