The Right to Live Essay

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WORKSHOP #7 KATTYA BARBARAN Ana G. Mendez University System Metro Orlando Campus ENGL 104 21 AUGUST 2013 JOSÉ PERÉZ PROFESSOR THE RIGHT TO LIVE Abortion is one of the most political controversial issues in the world. Generally, the term refers to the disruption of fetal development during pregnancy, usually occurs before it has reached 20 weeks. Each person has his or her own opinion. Some see it as another form of birth control, and others sanction and penalize it as a form of murder. Exist a variety of information and different types of methods and their use, instead there is a huge irresponsibility to allow conception if it is not wanted. What makes someone feel that he or she has the right to end it? To begin with, Pro-life advocate Carolyn C. Gargaro maintains. The fetus is a completely separate life from the woman, it is not just part of the mother's body. It is temporarily residing there, and birth is just the change of residence for an already living, active, person. Just because the unborn is dependent on the mother for nine months, that does not give anyone the right to choose to end his life. From the moment of conception, a new life has been created. Therefore, ending a life is a criminal act. On the other hand, supporters of abortion rights see the embryo as a “Potential individual.” As it destroys a collection of cells that can’t survive outside of the mother’s womb before the 24th weeks, they sustain that an embryo is not considered a being. Here is a contradiction with their argument: As technology improves, it has demonstrated that if a fertilized egg is left to grow on its own, is developed into a full term baby. Therefore, embryos should be seen as living
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