The Right to Equality: Philosophical Genesis and Implementation Problems.

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The right to equality: philosophical genesis and implementation problems. Introduction : In common language, freedom is often defined as " do what you want " This leads us to believe that freedom must be studied in two forms . Freedom as freedom of action and freedom as the freedom of desire. We will therefore show the different conceptual approaches of freedom: formal freedom , real freedom and moral freedom, which belong to two ways of conceiving freedom either empirical or metaphysical. Equality is a concept quite equivocal, form the Latin aequalitas "equal" , it can be characterized as what is equivalent , which is no different either quantitatively or qualitatively , we need to distinguish equal rights and social equality. This is why, in practice, egalitarian demand is often criticized for hurting individual freedom to the extent that characterized by the absence of difference, it would lead to uniformity. Consequently, does the claim of equal threat the freedom? However, we will dedicate ourselves to distinguish between no difference and lack of identity, because if equality is reflected in the lack of difference , it is not the lack of identity , so we can refute the argument of equality binds to the uniformity. Thus, the demand for equality is not necessarily antagonistic to that of freedom. In a democratic society, as can describe Alexis de Tocqueville, men have a passion for equality. Concepts of freedom and equality in law does they could not answer that passion? Nevertheless, do these two principles set out in a formal way lead to their real achievement? How to reach this achievement? It we will analyze the origin and the fundamental reason for this egalitarian thrust and question the nature of the interaction between equality and freedom. *** We will devote in first time, show why at first glance, the demand for equality could be a threat to

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