The Right to Bear Arms

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Morgan Wolfgang September 13, 2012 English Mrs. Meister Is The Constitution Still Relevant? How would you answer the question “Is our Constitution still relevant to this day?” Well I would say that yes it is still relevant but there are rights that have been stretched and should be defined, such as The Right to Bear “Arms.” Are we misusing this liberty given to us by our founding fathers? I believe this is a God-given right to defend ourselves, our liberty and our families, but there is no reason that civilians should have bombs or grenades in their homes, that is what we have our military, to protect our country in major ways. All governments, dictatorships, and monarchies have the right to protect their families and liberty, but under the International Small Arms Control Standards made up by the United Nations the Right to Bear Arms is not given to us by our government it is just an American right, it’s a Human right to self-defense. Our founders understood that this right was essential to our self-defense as the children of God. This right has been stretched majorly I believe, because it has come down to people owning bombs, and other dangerous weapons that the public should not have a hold of in their homes. We have more bombings, mass murders, and attacks due to the right to bear “Arms” not being defined as not owning bombs, nuclear weapons, grenades, etc. The Chief Executive believes that we can no longer rely on only our military in order to achieve our set objectives that we have set for ourselves. I do believe that the constitution is still relevant to a point, because I believe that there are some things in the constitution that should be defined or narrowed. There have been people that state they feel safer with firearms in their homes. Brad Pitt stated “"America is a country founded on guns. It's
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