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The Right Stuff is a famous movie that portrayed the first human spaceflight program of the United States accurately and perspicuously. This film won 4 Oscar Academy Awards, includes Film Editing, Music (Original Score), Sound and Sound Effects Editing. Chuck Yeager, the first human broke the sound barrier was not selected as one of the first seven astronauts of America. The selection of Astronauts is very strict, only 7 out of 110 best pilots are chosen. After the hatch of Liberty Bell 7 was exploded in water, Gus Grissom had to evacuate and leave the capsule. Chuck Yeager is the first human who break the sound barrier. Chuck Yeager was considered the best pilot at that time. When the Project Mercury first started, newly created space agency NASA was looking for pilots to become astronauts. Yeager should be the best choice for NASA, but he didn't reach a basic requirement, graduate from a college. Although Chuck Yeager cannot become an astronaut, he commanded Air Force Aerospace Research Pilots School, which trained pilot for NASA. Although Yeager himself can’t be a pilot, he trains almost half of the astronauts served in Gemini, Mercury and Apollo. He did great contribution for the early American space program. The selection of the first group American astronauts is the most rigorous selection in the history. A qualified astronaut has to be perfect both physically and mentally. Those officers look at not only what they do in each exam but also look at their ordinary act. The number of pilots who passed decreased step by step. There were 110 men at first, only seven men passed in the end. Those seven people represent the apex of human effort. They are the heroes in human history. We should know without those seven heroes, there would have no advance space science as now. Gus Grissom is the second American in space. He is one of the first seven Project Mercury

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