The Right For Independence Essay

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In the year 1776, representatives from the 13 American Colonies met in Philadelphia to discuss how to rebel against unpopular British policies. Colonial leaders in the 2nd Continental Congress voted to officially declare independence from Great Britain, which would eventually lead to a five year war and a new nation. At this time, only about 50% of colonial citizens supported independence, and about 30% were loyal to Britain. The members of the 2nd Continental Congress were right to declare independence from Great Britain because they were mistreated by the British and had Taxation without Representation. The main reason that the Colonial Leaders were right to declare independence from Britain was that colonists were being mistreated. The legal system that the British used in the colonies said that everyone was guilty until proven innocent. There wasn’t such a legal system in Great Britain. This shows that the British thought of the colonists as second class citizens in the English Empire. The colonists were also physically mistreated during the Boston Massacre. In this event of brutal mistreatment, soldiers attacked and shot at a crowd of colonists. Five were killed and many were wounded. The English ruler, King George, claimed that the soldiers were there to protect colonists, yet they attacked them instead. When the British enforced the Quartering Act, it showed that they thought that the colonists were unequal. The act forced colonists use their hard earned money to house soldiers in their homes. The British didn't see the colonists as equals anymore, just as people that needed to be controlled. The colonists just wanted their independence. They didn't want to fight, but during the battles of Lexington and Concord it became apparent that they needed to. The colonists believed that the British fired the first shot in the battle of Lexington, and concluded that
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