The Revolt Of Mother

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The Representation of Women in “The Revolt of `Mother`“ by Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman PS: American Literature: Contextualizing the Reading List Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Grabher Gudrun Lisa Rödlach 0818739 WS 2011/2012 Contents 1. Introduction p. 3 2. Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman p. 4 The Representation of Women p. 5-11 3.1 Communication between Men and Women p. 5-8 3.2 The Representation of Sarah and Nanny Penn p. 8-11 4. Conclusion p. 12 5. Bibliography p. 13 1. Introduction Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman‘s short story “The Revolt of `Mother`“ deals with a woman, Sarah Penn, who calls her role in society and the patriarchal system into question. The short story shows the problems and difficulties women in the 19th century had to cope with and presents a woman who rebelled against this system. Freeman, who is best known for her local color stories, writes in “The Revolt of `Mother`“ about a small New England town at the end of the 19th century which was a time of great change. Freeman understands to point out the dialect, rural setting and history of the this particular location. This research paper deals with the “Representation of Women“ in the short story “The Revolt of `Mother`“ by Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman. In the beginning, a short biography and background information about the author and the short story itself is provided. After that, the reader can find out about the main aspect of this research paper, namely how women are presented in Freeman‘s short story. The first part deals with the subject “Communication between Men and Women“ in the short story, while the second part emphasizes the two main female characters Sarah Penn and her daughter Nanny. 2. Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman (born 1852 in Randolph, Massachusetts; died 1930 in Metuchen, New

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