The Review of < Notting Hill>

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A romantic love story happened in this movie, a beautiful movie star fall in love with the travel-book store owner. There is no doubt that they go through many difficulties but at the end, they show their love to each other in front of public, and then live in a happy time. To be honest , I do not believe falling in love at first sight, I can not find any sigh of love , just relying on one sight .When the girl kisses the man suddenly , much to my confused . Does she only want to express her thanks or show her love to the man?I don't know. And in this film,except This couple, there's another impressed me much.They said their unfortune out only for a piece of cake. No one is always lucky ,such as the couple the woman is diseased,even they can't give birth to a baby.However, they are optimistic and all have a positive attitude toward life. I still remember especially the actress. She stand in front of the man asking him to love her. At this moment ,I think ,she is not a famous movie star but a girl who need be loved by his Mr Right. She shows that she can grow and learn from her mistake , makes by hair-trigger of frustration from fame coming out to undermine him when she least expects it. At the end of the story, they had a happy ending as the most people expected, they got married. In a word ,the film is really touching. I am moved completely

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