The Revelatory Text Essay

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Book Review Over the past semester we have had to read several books for my Hermeneutics class. One of them was a book called “The Revelatory Text” by Sandra M. Schneiders. To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect or what I might learn from this book. As it turned out though, I was opened to a lot of ideas and thoughts that I have believed or understood, and then I learned how to place them into my own words or thoughts. As I have gone through this class, we were asked to write statements on meaning. This could include how, what, or why we made meaning of stuff. The reason I say this is that this book showed us many different views on the Bible as a text or sacred scripture. These views were not all just views of Schneiders but they were from many other people’s viewpoints. The book was split into two parts which both covered ideas and issues that were centered around the New Testament. The first was titled: Part I: The New Testament as Sacred Scripture and the second was titled: Part II: Interpreting the New Testament as Sacred Scripture. Within the first part, there were 3 chapters. The first chapter was titled The Problem and Project of New Testament Interpretation, which introduced a lot of what this book was going to be about and a main part of this class, also known as the meaning of meaning. The second chapter was titled The New Testament as Word of God. This chapter focused a lot on how the Bible can be used or interpreted into a symbol of the Christian faith. The third and final chapter was titled The New Testament as the Church’s Book, which covered how a lot of the church’s traditions and beliefs were focused around the Bible and more specifically the New Testament. To me, this chapter made a lot of sense because I would agree with the fact that church needs to have a strong foundation that is centered on the Bible and many times the New

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