The Research Process Essay

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1.1 Discussion: The Research Process Shirlette M. Moore BC 500: Business Research Methods Dr. Jacqueline Chesnut 11/05/14 The Research Process My paper, discusses two articles on the applications with the research process. The types of research they conduct are very different. However, I will analyze their different steps while explaining the significance of their research process. While conducting their research, both articles, utilized the quantitative and qualitative methods. These two methods are very different, therefore I will explain the contrasting ways the applications become beneficial. The first article is based on the activity of mediation in different jurisdictions. The research took place within different locations. It identifies how to enhance the initial use throughout the United States. The second article is based on pre service teachers in Turkey and preferences about instructor gender. The study is to find out what gender do they prefer as an educator and what are the reasons? Both articles are very informative and useful with the results. Analyzing the two are essential because of how and what applications are utilized for their business research. My discussion of the two, allows me to compare and contrast their approaches with the business research process. Although, the articles are very different with their objectives, they clearly demonstrate their similarity of combining; and balancing their different applications with the research process. Developing the MRI The application, of the research process in this article, consists of combining quantitative and qualitative data. This particular article discusses how the activity of mediation differs with different jurisdictions. Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). The proposition which Archerof (2014) mentions as, (observed something that

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