The Rescue of the Bulgarian Jews from the Holocaust

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Will Perry Rough Draft 3 Professor Trolander English 102 21 March 2012 The Rescue of the Bulgarian Jews from the Holocaust The Holocaust was one of the most horrific instances of genocide in the history of the world. Over six million Jews perished in the death camps and gas chambers. Relatively few people know about the European countries that were able to save their Jewish population. Denmark was able to save all of its 7,500 Jews from extermination by sending them to Sweden. Turkish diplomats were able to rescue 75,000 Jews by acting as a bridge so Jewish refugees could get to the institutions that wanted to save them. Other countries were also able to rescue their Jews from Nazi persecution but one of the most important examples is how Bulgaria managed to save its 50,000 Jews. Bulgaria allied with the Axis powers during WWII in 1941 in order to regain control over the provinces of Thrace and Macedonia. However, Bulgaria was unable to save the Jewish population in these two provinces. When Bulgaria got word that their Jewish citizens were to be deported, government officials, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, and Bulgarian citizens were in an uproar. At first, King Boris III was willing to give in to the pressure from the Nazis until he met opposition from the religious officials of the Bulgarian Orthodox church, Government officials, and Bulgarian citizens. Although the Bulgarian Orthodox church played an important role, Bulgarian government officials and Bulgarian citizens were the main reason the Bulgarian Jews were rescued from the Holocaust. Dimitar Peshev is one of the Bulgarian government officials who influenced the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews more so than the Bulgarian Orthodox church. Peshev supported Bulgaria’s alliance with Germany
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