The Representation Of Journeys In Away By Michael Gow

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Introduction There are many representations of Journeys in the text Away by Michael Gow. The text is a Play in which every scene is showing a journey for each character. There are many representations of journeys which vary for each of the characters. The journeys are shown in different ways by Gow, some through self-reflection or acceptance or reconciliation or compassion. Journeys require self-reflection This statement is relevant to the play ‘Away” in the journey portrayed by Gwen. This Journey is a turning point in the perception of Gwen and it shows that she actually has feelings. The point where this self-reflection begins is in Act 3 Scene 4. Gwen finally realises that people are important, not material things. After losing all her possessions that make her life so great, she is torn back…show more content…
To complete this process of acceptance Coral needed to accept Roy’s grievances. She does this in Act 5 Scene1 where without dialogue Coral puts the shells symbolising her deceased son, whom died in the Vietnam war, in Roy’s face representing her accepting Roy into the grieving process. This scene was very well written by Gow (unlike the last sentence) to show the end of the journeys for Coral and all of the characters except Tom. The end of Tom’s Journey occurs in the next scene when he reads King Lear’s speech. There are a lot of comparisons between King Lear and Tom. They both accept they are going to die and then prepare for their death, but they do this in different ways. King Lear is selfish and wants all the attention from his family, whereas Tom accepts he will die and deals with it so he can take that burden off his family. There is also a hit of irony in King Lear’s speech which is read by Tom, when it says; “Conferring them on younger strengths, while we unburden’d crawl towards death”, because Tom is Young and already crawling towards

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