The Reoccurring Themes Of Conceit And Greed In The Maltese Falcon

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Elizabeth Bell The Maltese Falcon The Maltese Falcon brought out the worst in people. Social Contracts were broken and the characters went to great lengths to get ahold of the power the Maltese Falcon gave you. The characters would become dangerous and were willing to kill whoever crossed into their path. The practices of deceit and greed were the reoccurring themes throughout the story. Every man and women were only looking out for themselves when it comes to getting ahold of the Maltese Falcon. Each character knew money was in the future of whoever got their hands on the Maltese Falcon. This made them specifically greedy as the valuable bird went through the hands of their acquaintances. For the three antagonists, Gutman, Cairo, and Brigid money is the only things on their minds. Gutman even comments that Spade reminds him of his son, however as he thinks, one can get another son but there is only one Maltese Falcon. Brigid killing Arthur, Spades partner, is an example of the…show more content…
No one can be trusted. Brigid is a great example of someone that especially cannot be trusted. In the beginning of the book she goes through many different allies and stories of why she needs Spade's help. She even knows of her untrustworthy habits and warns Spade to not trust her. The best example of deceit in the book is when Spade has Brigid arrested in the end. She thinks that she lured him in with love, but he turns on her in the end. The evil tendencies of the group seemed to rub off on Spade by the end. In conclusion, the search for the Maltese Falcon failed. The goose chase that everyone went through turned out not to be worth it except for Spade. The Maltese Falcon is still out there with the riches that come along with it. This story goes to show how far a human will go while having an overpowering greed for
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