The Renaissance: the Era That Defined the World

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The Renaissance: The Era That defined the World By LaKeitha Lewis Prof. Scott Gressford HUMN303: Intro. To Humanities 12/07/2014 The Renaissance: The Era That Changed the World The Renaissance was an era full of some of the most profound and revolutionary innovations, inventions, and advancements, so much so that they defined civilizations for many centuries to come, even in the world of today. It was a time period that many viewed as both important and unique, having characteristics of its own earmarked by the influx of interest in the Classical style of Ancient times. The return to the classics span across all aspects of science and art. Many important events came from this era, including a surge in human awareness appropriately called “Humanism”, the re-visiting classic art styles from Ancient Roman and Greek times, and a boom in scientific discoveries. The Renaissance was a marvelous time, indeed, the influence of which can still be seen today. The Renaissance: Defining an Era The word “Renaissance” literally translates to mean “rebirth”, this appropriately describes what takes place during this exciting time in history. The Renaissance Era is identified as the time period following the Middles Ages. “The term Middle Ages was coined by scholars in the 15th century as the time between the downfall of Classical Greece and Rome and its rediscovery at the start of their own century.” (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2014) Renaissance is also said to have ended the Dark Ages, metaphorically being the point of man’s enlightenment. The Renaissance would be such a wondrous period in history that its legacies have ripped through time and can be seen in almost every modern miracle of our time. Rebirth of the Classics: Out with the New

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