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Jack Trinh 8 March 2009 Intro The Renaissance period was a change, in so that people no longer needed to fix themselves to religious beliefs. People became interested in expanding their knowledge in history, science, art, and fashion (Beers 233-254). The Renaissance history had a huge impact on the world today. Many of their idea came from Italy over time. There were advances in science that greatly expand people knowledge and understanding about Astronomy. Art became reform, including the styles and methods of technique that has now sprung up. Fashion became a statement for the wildly popular of the rich and noble. History The Renaissance originated in northern Italy and then spread throughout Europe. The Arab scholars preserved the writings of the ancient Greeks in their libraries. The Italian cities traded with the Arabs, along with ideas when exchanging goods. The ideas, preserved from the ancient past, served as the basis of the Renaissance (The Renaissance). During the time period, many scholars preserved and study ancient Greeks and Rome. Learning and translating many of their texts and documents. Many of the knowledge learned during the Renaissance are from pervious scholars who have once already studied it. For example, astronomy has been studied during ancient Greeks, but the scholars and scientists in the Renaissance have relearned the material, and were able to expand what has been discovering already. The type of housing a peasant would live in during the Renaissance period would be a standard building or barns, which included sheds and pens, for the animals. Grain was often stored in the barns, and the work they would have to do would include; brewing and milking the cow in order to make butter or cheese. The outbuildings sometimes included a dower cottage for parents who had retired or a specialized building such as a smithy or carpenter’s

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