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The Remember Me Jack Essay

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The Remember Me Jack
Kimberly Williams
Visual Literacy in Business 218
Mr. Ashish Godbole
February 8, 2010

The idea of the Remember Me Jack came with the ever longing need to help patients with the beginning onset of Alzheimer’s or any other disease that may weaken a person memory. I will explain the shapes and colors of this tiny chip as well as display images and shapes of the chip along with charts that will show from previous research how the chip works and how much memory is retained with the chip compared to the medicines being given on a day to day basis.  
Through the years the need has been around for something to be invented that could help these patients either retain their memory or get it back.   There are many drugs on the market that say they help keep the onset of memory loss at a minimum but to be able to use this fine little chip at any time to regain your memory would be a great and important day in modern inventions.   The chip is a little bit smaller than a typical computer chip.   Because of the nature of the chip, we do try and personalize each chip to look like something the person would like.   Some of them range in colors of pink metallic on the outside and if pried open the colors range from blue to black with a thin film of a yellow like substance to sustain its life forever.   The shape of this chip is rectangular and has tiny hair like fibers on each side of it, in lines of two.   If the chip is dropped into water, the tiny chip will self destruct on its own because it can only survive in human liquid, i.e. blood or cerebrospinal fluid.   This fluid is the way this chip reins inside of the small area in the neck without ever drying out or becoming in active.   To allow this chip to work it must be inserted either upon the birth of a baby while the memory cells are still forming, or in the early teen years of a preteen child.   If the baby were a boy, it is less painful then circumcision and would never be felt throughout the Childs...

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