The Reluctant Fundementalist Essay Identity

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In the text “The Reluctant Fundamentalist “written by Mohsin Hamid, demonstrations that the main tension is due to the shifting of identity by the protagonist, changez a young Pakistani man who journeys through different surroundings and atmospheres trying to find his way in the world. With constant tensions and pressures he is forced to remould his identity to fit his environment .Changez begins his soul searching journey at Princeton, an Ivy League school, fruitful with opportunities. Being the top of his class and only being one of two Pakistani in the whole university, changez is forced to up hold a particular image. With changez attending Princeton it exposes him to high ranking jobs, which he is offered a place at underwood Samson. Underwood Samson a meritocracy, the job enforces a responsibility, a rank, a hunger for changez to the reach the top, the reluctance of upholding the pressures and weight of the job; he forced to reshape his personality to uphold an obedient “soldier”. With maintaining the job at underwood Samson he is trying to get close to his love Erica, but with her constant strains, she is unable to treat him as a real “boyfriend”, for them to be together he covers his identity and image to suit Erica needs ,emotional and physically. The world falls to destruction when, the 9/11 event occurs, the world’s image of terrorist are manipulated to a form of an middle-eastern man, this effects changez in a drastic way, his image is changed in his work field, when he is walking on the street, the fear of middle eastern men have spread throughout the world, with all these pressures changez feels he has been abandoned by America and as a result he shifts his identity and belonging back to his origin. Changez begins his journey at Princeton, an Ivy league school fruitful with opportunities, but not just a university where lectures are lectures and
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