The Reluctant Fundamentalist Essay

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The challenges I set myself before camp I didn’t put many challenges towards me in this camp because I didn’t realise or recognise that I had to. To be honest I didn’t know what my goals had to be aimed at. Anyways, at the end of the camp, I started to realise that I had goals that I set myself before we did any activity like for example, when we walked to the waterfall, my goal was to actually make it all the way there and make it back without getting tired or having a stitch. Even though I got both of them, I still had that goal there to push me to my limit. I am starting to realise that when you go to any camp, you always have a goal set for yourself, like one could be to actually last the whole camp or something. Anyways, I think I set goals towards me but I just didn’t notice them. Activities that prepared me for camp There were a couple of activities that I undertook on this camp. One of the activities that we did that prepared me for the camp was our first aid course. There we learnt how to do CPR and how to do DRSABCD. It was pretty cool because now I have a first aid certificate. Another activity that we did that prepared me for the camp was when Ms Davies helped me on things that I didn’t know how to do or use like for example, how to build a trangia to cook with, how to set up a tent and also how to pack a camp bag. All of these things put together helped me through this camp because: * First Aid Course – helped me because if anyone was injured at the camp, I would have been able to help them. * Tents – helped me learn how to set and put a tent away. * Trangia – helped me learn how to build the Trangia so I could cook with it . What would you like to have changed from this camp As much as I had an amazing time at the camp, their were a couple of things that I would have liked to change. Some the changes were * The

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