The Reluctant Fundamentalist Essay

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‘If his relationship with Erica had developed more positively, Changez would have remained in America.’ Discuss. Through dramatic monologue Mohsin Hamid presents us with opposing ways of life and cultural differences through the progressive relationship of Changez and Erica. While the relationship persists as being quite positive through the immediate novel’s progression, there is only enough evidence to support its progress up until the significant turning point that changes Changez’ perception of America and essentially flips their lives upside down and back to front. In addition to the external forces out of their own control, Erica, whom Changez trusted to confide to in his times of insecurity, was cradled in the arms of an overbearing nostalgia that refused to weaken its clasp. A positive relationship between Changez and Erica would’ve ensured that Changez had remained in America, however this positive relationship is only true until a set point in the novel. When Changez is working on a valuation contract in Manila he keeps contact between Erica and himself through emails sporadically, he describes that ‘…such messages were enough to lift my spirits for several days.’ Which helped keep him stable during a tumultuous time of instability and the instances that caused doubt within himself and his own identity, such as the incident with the taxi driver. However, after the dangerous 9/11 terrorist attacks, both characters are thrown into chaos. As these inevitable events stood in the novel, they acted as a brick wall to prevent their relationship forming positively beyond that point, thereby stumping any chance of them remaining close and ultimately preventing Changez from remaining in America. Another significant reason why Changez was destined to leave was nostalgia. Changez describes nostalgia as being equivalent to ‘crack cocaine’, a metaphor used to

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