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The Relevance Of Unions Essay

  • Submitted by: CClemC
  • on June 17, 2011
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The Relevance of Unions
C. Clements
Baker College, Cadillac
Human Resources and Employment Law
HRM 401R
Sally Randall
June, 2011


Unions have had to fight for their existence from the beginning. Powerful anti-labor forces opposed their formation and included severely beating those that would hand out informational flyers or simply try to tell coworkers about unionization. The need or relevance for unions was clear back then and this report will explore the organized labor union journey from the early days up to the present, and contemplate if they will still be needed in the future.   The objective of this project is to identify the need for ongoing union influence and involvement.
The Relevance of Unions
The Need for Representation
How would you like to work in an environment where the boss, whether he or she was the owner, or a supervising member of management, could demand that you work all day without a decent break and even increase the hours and workload without prior notice, in hazardous conditions that caused much strain and even pain? You would always feel threatened, not only to keep your job, but to keep your health also. Family obligations, health issues, safety concerns, ergonomics, and just about everything else but the work that had to get done, did not receive much attention unless it stopped production. These are some of the factors that lent credibility to the labor movement and banded workers together with enough resolve to form lasting, organized unions, all while withstanding serious threats, including the   possibility of death.
This paper will attempt to help the reader to identify with, or at least realize in greater detail, what the overall environment was like before and during the birth of organized labor, and what it could resort back to if permitted. Then the relevance will be put into a more personal context, thus allowing perceptions to change from what possibly might be, “Those workers want everything...

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