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The Relevance of Marriage in Today's World Essay

  • Submitted by: alinadiv
  • on June 11, 2015
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      The Relevance of Marriage in Today’s World
      We often encounter the opinion concerning the irrelevance of marriage in today’s world. Indeed, it is not a secret that presently, a vast majority of couples prefer cohabitation to marriage, since exactly this type of relationship is regarded as non-binding and unobtrusive. Many young people tend to consider marriage as an outdated form of relationship, arguing that the obligations and duties imposed by marriage are overburdening and thus unnecessary. Nonetheless, the opponents of marriage ignore its spiritual and social significance. Exactly a strong and happy marriage is relevant for emotional needs of people and their wellbeing.
      It is possible to presume that in our modernized world people tend to adopt the egoistic principles, which, in turn, undermine the significance of marriage. The reluctance to enter into marriage is nothing but the manifestation of an individual’s egoism, his or her unwillingness to take responsibility for another person’s life. It is much easier to resort to cohabitation and keep up convincing yourself that you still remain free from any duties and responsibilities. Still, by entering into marriage, an individual shows his or her willingness to take care for the partner and share joy and sorrow with the significant other. Those people who decide to get married also show their readiness to take an important step towards the creation of a family, in contrast to those denying the privileges of marriage and choosing cohabitations as an alternative. By bringing up a family, a couple favors a society, contributing to its health.
      It is not a secret that marriage sets certain limitations on individual choice. Nonetheless, such limitations should not be viewed as a total restriction of personal freedom. Such limitations, which may involve spending less money on entertainment, allocating more effort to work, or devoting more time to...

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