The Relevance of Dance

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It seems arts maybe starting to take a back burner in our society and dance programs are getting cut all over the country, both in schools and in the professional world. It seems as though dance is becoming less relevant in today’s society; however, that may not actually be the case. Society today is evolving and dance might just become relevant in different ways. Society today has become more technological. Dance is having to evolve and becoming relevant to our society today in different ways in different ways. Dance is a perfect way to exercise, it is able to connect people, and it plays a part in today’s culture. Many Americans today are all about exercising and trying to be healthy. Dancing whether it be jazz, salsa, or zumba has become a very popular way of working out and staying in shape thus making it relevant today. Dance is a sport that involves using all parts of your body and is a great way to strengthen and lengthen muscles. According to, “the benefits of dancing are like no other.” Dance does so much more than most people realize. It is able to help improve one’s posture, balance, and co-ordination; it also can help with one’s stamina and discipline ( It can also help one increase brainpower and is able to help improve memory. The best thing about dance though, is that it’s fun way to exercise and there are so many different types. In todays present culture dance has had to move away from just being on stage at a theatre and competitions it has had to move to also include the visual media. Society has become big on watching the TV and movies, the internet, and video games. Reality TV and competition shows are the “hot” shows nowadays. Producers and dancers saw the success of shows such as American Idol and made the competition shows for dance, So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars. Both of these shows have

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