The Relationship Between Stress And Academic Perfo

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STRESS AND ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE The Relationship Between Stress and Academic Performance Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Types of Stress 4 Academic Performance 6 Method 9 Participants 9 Procedure 10 Results 10 Stress 10 GPA or Academic Performance 11 Correlation between Stress and GPA 12 Sub Results 13 Discussion 13 Implication 15 Conclusion 16 Appendixes Appendix I 17 Appendix II 18 Appendix III 20 References 24 Executive Summary The purpose of this study is to analyze the relationship between stress and academic performance. Our group chose to study this issue using students from the University of Regina. The amount of stress an individual goes through is related to their academic performance, so as students we found it to be an important topic to study further. We surveyed twenty-five students, gathering information on demographic, mental symptoms, physical symptoms and daily stress levels. After analyzing the data we found that there was a moderate correlation between GPA and stress level. Stress has recently been an interesting topic of study from many different angles. Many want to know just how much stress can affect different aspects of daily life. Individuals and organizations have been interested in learning about stress to see if it pertains to themselves or their employees. By studying whether it does have an effect in certain decisions and situations, we might be able to figure out solutions to negate the power stress has. It also might be of interest to learn if any one group of people is more susceptible to stress. One focus of studies is whether stress has an effect on a university student’s academic performance. University students are surrounded by stress that impacts their mental and physical health, and as well as their performance in schoolwork. There are many
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