The Relationship between Patient and Doctors

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The Relationship between Patient and Doctors The story of Patch Adams is one of an unconventional doctor who heals patients in unconventional ways. He bases his choices of healing on his time he spent in a mental institution. While in this institution Adams decided he was going to become a doctor that was unlike the ones he had while receiving help. He goes against all theologies of medicine and base his healing on laughter. His goal was to heal the patients emotional and spiritual problems that came along with the reason that they were ill. He opens a health care facility for low income families where he runs his unconventional healing ways. Patch Adam’s unconventional methods show how Doctors who keep patients at an arm’s length, and follow the conventional methods, lack a successful relationship between themselves and the patient. The professional attitude of the doctors affects the patient care negatively in the movie, Patch Adams. The professional beliefs of doctors believe that they should keep their patients at an arms-length in their relationship. As viewers saw in this movie when the doctor entered the room, there was a cold tension that entered the room as well. Patients were not responding to doctors when they were spoken to, if they did respond it was in a rude manner. The problem with the attitude of the professional doctors is that they did not address all the needs of their patients. On the other hand you have this unconventional doctor, Patch Adams, who did not have a professional attitude towards his patients, and these patients responded better to treatment and himself than the conventional doctor’s patients did. Patch Adams always came in the room laughing and joking trying to have the patient laugh. His attitude towards the patient was of someone who cared about them and made them laugh, not a cold faced person. The way that
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